Webster's dictionary defines alchemy as "any seemingly magical process of transmuting ordinary materials into something of true merit." A little history lesson: The roots of alchemy can be traced back to Egypt. The word alchemy may be derived from the Arabic "al kimiya" meaning "the magical craft of the black country."

Ancient Egyptians were master metalworkers and believed that magic powers were contained in all matter. This is significant as we discover the double meanings behind elemental symbols. When Egypt was conquered by the Arabs, they took the science back with them to Spain. From there, the science of alchemy along with the knowledge of alchemy signs spread to England, France and Germany.


3rd dimension consciousness is locked in the belief that the visible, tangible, physical world is all there is. This is the belief that has brought man dominion over the earth, although this same belief is moving him towards destruction of the earth. The 3rd dimension is weighted down by a dense magnetic field which not only pulls man physically towards the ground but creates a tangible time span between thought and manifestation.

Alchemy symbols provide us with understanding and clarity of thought when focused upon. When the mind focuses on symbols, answers inevitably come.

The world of alchemy signs is rife with deeper (hidden) meanings. Many are used to define elements as well as conditions of the spirit. Planetary symbols and animal signs were also used in alchemy to define elements.

Alchemy symbols provide us with a wide variety of insight into the potential transformation of the human landscape, both internal and external. Consequently, putting the science of alchemy together with its underlying philosphy of inner transformation, opens up a broad range of power in our lives. Understanding this tradition's symbol meanings is a first step in accessing that power.

Internal Alchemy understands the human body to be a precious and necessary resource for our spiritual journey, rather than as something to be ignored or transcended. As we open, cleanse and balance the meridians, our Awareness flows in/as the present moment. What emerges, then... quite naturally... is good health, clarified perception and a direct experience of our connection to and embodiment of God.

As a birthing process, the path to Ascension, through alchemy, is filled with challenges. When the human body resonates in harmony with earth's new frequency, it goes through a cleansing process in order to integrate the inharmonic frequencies of denser issues. This means that man begins to experience a purging of negative energies; his mental and emotional blocks surface as physical pains and trauma that need to be balanced and re-integrated within the newly ascended body. Traumas, fears, illness surface as opportunities for learning and growth. Alchemy brings on a new sense of security but will result in a new sense of empowerment.

Alchemy can be credited for being the foundation of modern-day chemistry. But more than science, alchemy represents the spiritual progress of humanity. Ancient alchemists were evolved thinkers, combining efforts to transform matter to another form.. all the while having an internal goal of transforming the heart and soul of mankind into another form.



Alchemy was (and still is) rife with symbolism. View various universal images of the craft's symbols and learn the meanings for each.

Ancient Alchemy Symbols and their oft times cryptic meanings began out of necessity as alchemists disguised their practices from the hugely powerful European church. At the height of its practice, alchemy was considered heretical craft by the church, punishable by death (or worse, torture). The church body at the time viewed alchemy as a way for the practitioner to ascend to salvation outside of the "traditional" church methodology.

Although ancient alchemy symbols were born out of this necessity, the foundation of alchemical practice is based on inner transformation and the achievement of that transformation. As a means for this transmutation, the alchemist utilized the changing properties of matter in addition to the philosophical meanings of the symbols themselves.

The very act of turning base metals to gold is a symbol of (wo)mans ascension and achievement of enlightenment. All things, no matter how banal, hold deeper spiritual symbolic meaning to the alchemist in all of us. Below are some ancient alchemy symbols and their meanings.

Aleph: This ancient alchemy symbol is derived from the "Secret Tradition" or the Cabala. The Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and is the spiritual root of all harmony.

Caduceus: Also symbolic of Mercury, the Caduceus is a figure of two serpents wrapped around a center rod. The rod is a symbol of transforming alchemical power. The two serpents represent polarity or duality. Together with the sprouted wings depict the caduceus having an alchemical meaning of balance, duality and following the alchemical process leading to unity. The caduceus is also seen in medical circles. This is a logical match as the caduceus calls for unity and balance on an internal level and is hailed as a symbol for healing.

Cube: The cube represents the earth in Pythagorean, Indian, and Platonic traditions. In Egypt, the Pharaoh is often depicted sitting on a cubic throne. In India, many statues of deities are shown standing on a cube... one under each foot. It is understood as a building block of all simple matter... and it is also understood that within it supernatural possibilities abound. Therefore cube represents the earth from which the spiritual king comes forth. The symbolic meaning of number four may also help you understand this symbol further.

Fire: "That which the fire operates is alchemy, whether in the kitchen or in the universe" as stated by the alchemical forefather Paracelsus 1493-1541. More specifically this ancient alchemy symbol represents divine energy, purification, revelation, and transformation. As such, fire was (and still is) an important sign in the alchemist's arsenal of emblems.

Moon: Alchemically speaking, the moon represents Silver, the Lesser Work, or Mercury. It conjoins with the sun, or Gold in the Greater Work. In more practical terms, the moon represents fertility, resurrection, occult power, immortality and intuition. The moon is a feminine property and alchemists would incorporate it with the sun (gold) to assure balance.

Peacock Tail: Near the end of the alchemical Operation this symbol would appear. Its many-colored surface on molten metals heralded the nearness of the final stage of transformation. Further, when the alchemical Operation came to this point, the volatile parts of the residue were transcended, and the peacock, as all winged creatures, symbolized changeability. Thus the peacock's spiritual representation is that of smooth transition.

Pentacle: Quite the opposite of its unfortunate reputation, the pentacle is a symbol of harmony, health and mystic powers. The Pythagoreans adopted it as a sign of health and the marriage of heaven and earth. As a sign of heaven, earth, as well as human body and mind, the pentacle holds great power. So much so, that it was used as a protective emblem among alchemists and magicians alike. Specifically, alchemists would press this symbol on hermetic books to emphasize the knowledge within as being protected and sacred.

Sun: The ancient alchemy symbol of gold. Worshipped in many cultures, specifically Egypt where Amon-Ra was personified by the evening sun setting at the end of the creative process. Alchemists understood the process of creation, and utilized the symbol of the sun to focus on creating desired effects in their practice... both physically and philosophically.

Ergon: This is the spiritual ancient alchemy symbol for the right eye of the soul, by which it looks to the eternal. This symbol allows focus on higher, finer spiritual vibrations. It also ascertains the infinite nature of our soul, and our capability to tap into the infinite universe.

Abracadabra: This is a Cabalistic charm with origins from Hebrew initials of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is an ancient alchemy symbol used for an antidote for illness and used to augment healing. This phrase was written on parchment and suspended from then neck by a thread in the triangular form seen here.

Quincunx: An arrangement of five figures within a square. Historically, it has infused the worlds of nature, man and the stars. As an ancient alchemy symbol, it represents the whole being more than the sum of its parts. In the alchemical mineral world, the quincunx occurs in the formation of metals, in atomic structures. Additionally the quincunx represents (wo)man's ability to cross from four to five his/her nature. Meaning we all possess the four levels of physical matter (stone, plant, animal, man) and we are able to ascend from these four elements to the final fifth... which is godlike or enlightened stature.

Rose Windows: Gothic circular windows, shaped like a rose... mostly seen in stained glass in cathedrals. Designed by Chartres, a master craftsman, this stained glass was made from a secret recipe using antimony. The windows have a transformational effect on the contemplator. Essentially a dodecahedron, this symbol is connected with the ether, or the fifth element. By viewing it as a mandala, the rose window brings about an altered state of perception, allowing the observer to tap into the ethereal planes.

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