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(3)... One very special, well-known Quantum Physics experiment

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In the early 1900’s, a successful business man named Charles F. Haanel discovered the “secrets” to attaining wealth, power, and happiness. He compiled all of his secret knowledge in a book he titled “The Master Key System”. He knew this knowledge was the master key to any kind of success.

This system was first released as a correspondence course. His students received a lesson every week. For 24 weeks, they would receive a lesson. Once a person completed all 24 lessons, they would be eligible to obtain the lessons in the form of a complete book.

The people who used The Master Key System experienced massive success. Originally sold for $1500 (when a Model A cost $300).

This is the book that inspired Napoleon Hill and is also one of the books that is behind the DVD success of THE SECRET

An interesting side note about The Master Key System is that word has it that the Catholic Church banned the book back in 1933. It had sold over 200,000 copies and then it disappeared without a trace. You've got to wonder just what this secret entailed to be banned by such a powerful organization. I know I did!

Rumor has it that while Charles F. Haanel (regarded by hundreds of people as the "Father of Personal Development") was attending Harvard University, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key It was this book that inspired Bill Gates to drop out of the University and pursue his dream of "a computer on every desktop." And the rest they say is history . .

Silicon Valley also has a secret and it's that almost every entrepreneur who made a fortune in recent years did so by studying the teachings of "Before the Secret" which was written over eighty years ago!

Countless self development books have been based on these teachings which can be found in "Before The Secret". The teachings have been shared in the movie and more recently on Oprah with the students of these teachings.

Introducing "Before the Secret"


Nature compels us all to move through life. We could not remain stationary however much we wished. Every right-thinking person wants not merely to move through life like a soundproducing, perambulating plant, but to develop – to improve – and to continue the development mentally to the close of physical life.

This development can occur only through the improvement of the quality of individual thought and the ideals, actions and conditions that arise as a consequence. Hence a study of the creative processes of thought and how to apply them is of supreme importance to each one of us. This knowledge is the means whereby the evolution of human life on earth may be hastened and uplifted in the process.

Humanity ardently seeks “The Truth” and explores every avenue to it. In this process it has produced a special literature, which ranges the whole gamut of thought from the trivial to the sublime – up from Divination, through all the Philosophies, to the final lofty Truth of “The Master Key”.

"Before the Secret" is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great cosmic intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader.

Every thing and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought therefore is constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through its creature man. "Before the Secret" instructs the reader how to use that power, and use it both constructively and creatively. The things and conditions we desire to become realities we must first create in thought. “The Master Key” explains and guides the process………

Reading and re-reading one part only per week before proceeding to the next. Otherwise the later parts will tend to be misunderstood and the reader’s time and money will be wasted.

Used as instructed "Before the Secret" will make of the reader a greater, better personality, and equipped with a new power to achieve any worthy personal purpose and a new ability to enjoy life’s beauty and wonder.

Inside "Before the Secret" you will learn

... What the law of attraction is

... The history of the law of attraction

... How to use the law of attraction to make changes in your own life

... The areas of your life most affected by the law of attraction.

... Why the law of attraction does not always work

... The only one technique that will make the Law of Attraction work even if you doubt 49% of the time

... An ancient mental acupuncture technique that is more effective than any hypnosis program

... Why not everyone believes in this universal law but they still use it even if they don't believe it

... What sets the Law of Attraction apart from all of the other methods of manifestation, personal transformation and mind control programs currently available on the marketplace

... Why you won't need any other mind control, self-help or even Law of Attraction program after following this ancient method

... Everything easily explained in 24 parts, with questions and answers that covers every aspect of this Universal Law, from overcoming blockages to unforgotten laws, Quantum Physics and much more!

There is so much that can be done with the law of attraction, and yet so many people do not realize the power they hold at their fingertips! So much suffering could be averted if the people involved only knew the power they have hidden within their own minds!

You may Know this Study as
"The Laws of Attraction"

It’s the law of attraction, a law that has governed the workings of nature since the beginning of time and has been speculated upon nearly as long, but has not been studied and taught to the general public in enough depth for them to be able to put it to good use; that is, until now.

The law of attraction is a law based upon the idea that the energy given off by a person’s mind, whether it be good or bad, will draw like energy to it. This means that by encouraging their minds to give off good energy waves an individual would be able to draw positive energy waves out of the universe to make good things happen for them.

That’s it! Nothing more too it than that! The law of attraction simply puts into use the basic laws of nature and applies them to societal occurrences. The best part about the law of attraction is that it is one of the few laws in science that does not require a laboratory full of equipment to prove. It can be proven in the mind, in the privacy of your own mind as you sit back and wait to enjoy the positive effects.

What can the law of attraction do for you? The possibilities are endless; there really are no limitations on the positive changes the law of attraction can bring into your life.

Sound too good to be true? I know that it sounds like the kind of thing that science fiction novels are made of, but hear me out. This is an example of the power of the mind firmly rooted in scientific fact. The laws of physics applied to the metaphysical to create the perfect blend of fact and idea. A universal law finally discovered and brought into play for the men and women of earth, applying to everyone, regardless of their age, gender or race, and carrying with it guaranteed results!

If You Haven't Studied the Laws of Atrraction
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The law of attraction is the best kept secret of some of the richest and more powerful men and women in the world. In the past many of the greatest scientists, musicians, painters and philosophers have used this secret to write history. Now that you know that you have this knowledge at your fingertips, what are you going to do about it? Can you just walk away and let this Master Key ancient wisdom for wealth, health and happiness pass you by, or will you have the courage to grab hold of this master key with both hands?

There are a lot of people out there who would take advantage of this master key to make a lot of money for themselves, attract love and happiness, success or fame, better health and many other heart's desire; but after all, whatever you spend to obtain this knowledge is going to redeem itself many times over throughout the years as you put it to good use. However, I firmly feel that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn this incredible secret, which is why I’m not out there talking to major investors to get them to buy into my idea.

I don’t want this knowledge to fall back into the hands of the already wealthy and successful just because they are the only ones that can afford it, which is why I’m offering it to you at a price much lower than anything you are going to find from my competitors.

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