What is a Chakra?


The word chakra is a Sanskrit word (ancient Indian, 5000 years old), which is derived from the verb car (to move). There are several literal meanings of chakra: wheel, circle, center. Most eastern religions talk about and use these chakras, in their enlightenment process. Besides the literal meaning there are also some esoteric meanings:

The word chakra refers to the psycho-energetic vortices's forming the major organs of the body composed of life energy. These esoteric structures are also often referred to and graphically depicted as lotuses (a flower). There are many chakras, throughout our body. They are connected to our aura. We receive energy, from the universe, through each one of these chakra areas.

There are seven major chakras, or centers of psychoactive energy, in the human body. They are usually listed either top-down or bottom-up depending upon the secret agenda of the writer. The fact that the seven chakras are aligned along an axis running vertically through the body provides a natural geometry on the chakras. Each chakra is connected to the spinal column, the energies flow through our electrical system.

The purpose of each chakra, is for the exchange of energy, throughout the universe. We briefly touched on some of these energies earlier. As we travel along our life path, from birth toward death, we gather and exchange various energies. These energies help develop our belief system, our personality, our way of doing things. A chakra is also a storage area, for these various energies.

Some of energies that we receive, and store, are of the negative polarities, which cause blockages within our system. These blockages close off or start to shut these various chakras down. As these chakras close down, they can not transmit as much energy. This closing off of a chakra traps these energies within our body, causing dis-ease.

Part of our spiritual journey is to clear our bodies and re-activate (so to speak) our chakras. One of the many ways of clearing our bodies and chakras is through the use of Energy work. Reiki is just one of the many modalities of working with energy.

The New Chakra System: Spiritual Evolution Continues •  Book by Dr Joe Parazoo