New 12 Chakra System

Top of head center = Ultra Violet Lilac

Its color is ultra violet or grey. Ultra violet is the highest spiritual vibratory color within a human being. Grey is the spiritual color of fear.

The highest vibrational Spiritual Body, and the last in line, is the Guardian or Prudent Body. This body interfaces with the spiritual, or Fourth Dimensional "outside", just the way our physical outer shell interfaces with the Third Dimensional "outside". It filters out unnecessary or unwanted spiritual influences.

It also is a regulatory body, in that it moderates the amount of spiritual energy flowing into the lower vibrational vehicles, which regulates the amount of inspiration a person may have. If you are uninspired, this body may be asleep or perhaps has become damaged through psychic attack or drug abuse. It can be awakened by direct energy manipulation.

Crown = Lavender

It is located at the Crown Center, (or the Thousand Petaled Lotus). Its color is violet. It is also associated with the billions of cells that comprise physical brain, which in this connection, is a facsimile of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, with its billions of stars.

The "Crown" chakra is known as the thousand petaled lotus. It encircles the head like a band crossing the forehead area. Access to this center opens tremendous levels of clairvoyant knowledge, power and abilities, not the least which is the transmutation of sexual energy into a creative force.

It is the place that spiritual knowledge is known. It conveys to the user great wisdom and clairvoyant powers. It is the central part, or heart of the Spiritual Body, and contains a portion of the indwelling "Self", in the form of the discrete Super Ego.

Brow/Third Eye = Purple

The color of the Between the Eyes Center is purple. It is the center of will-power and concentration. People who use this center are noted for their tenacity and focus.

a center of creative, will, and emotional power, and is located at the Between the Eyes Center, and is also called the Third Eye. This center is associated with the Pineal Gland. The pineal gland is a small organ attached by a stalk to the posterior wall of the third ventricle of the brain. This is towards the back and above the cerebellum. It is called the pineal gland because it is shaped like a small pine cone.

This is a center of will-power and focus. It is used to pierce the veil of mystery sought after by mystics. However, it is sometimes a veil of tears for women.

The over use of purple energy can give rise to anything from extreme seriousness and intensity, to mood swings and melancholia.

Mouth = Indigo

The center at the mouth is a window to Sagittarius, (Indigo), which represents abstract power (hidden or behind the scenes) and spirituality.

Indigo, when viewed clairvoyantly looks almost black, and for all practical purposes, is a virtual void. What this means is, that fundamentally, men exist in an emotional void, and women exist in a spiritual void.

Since the blackness of the void is much too severe for us as Human Beings to tolerate, indigo is natures way of imitating the void, without actually having to use it. The result to us is the same. The dark indigo spiritual body by itself, is a terrible experience for us. It is so dark that we can experience nothing, except that we do not want to be there. It is necessary for us to experience nothingness, in order to cause us to let go completely. This is a major, and absolutely necessary, developmental component at the highest level of Human evolution.

Throat = Blue

Has as its vibrational color base, all shades of blue, and is accessed through the throat center. The darker the shades of blue, the more serious the mood. This can produce feelings of melancholia. The lighter the shades of blue, feelings of spiritual devotion can be experienced. The highest shades of blue denote the highest feelings of altruism, inspiration, and selflessness. This can be a problem for the practitioner, because they can easily be victimized, and taken advantage of.

In a normally operating person, the Throat Center is dominant. This produces a nice blissful feeling of well being in the solar plexus area.

Heart = Green

There is a physical center within your physical body that is the point where the third and fourth dimensions meet and pass through each other. It is the point in the center of the chest where you find an indentation. Its color is green. Within the color green we are looking for the most central shade. In our meditation it helps to have a physical location and a color to visualize. It is also associated with middle C, for a sound reference.

There is a natural point of existence within you where you are balanced at your very center. This means you are viewing the outside from the very center of yourself. This place is the physical place mentioned above at the center of the chest. (heart center)

The darker the shade of green the more intensely selfish. As we move through the darker shades, we find such old favorites as greed and vanity, not to mention avarice. It is no accident that our paper money is green. The lighter the shade, the more philanthropic, and in the central shades we find tranquility. There is a certain emotional openness in the lighter shades of green, within the Female Heart Center, that prompts the saying "wears her heart on her sleeve". (in the extremely light shades we find superficiality and frivolousness) Since this is the balance point, it gives the Human Being an extra view point over the animal kingdom.

Solor Plexus = Mustard

This body is the color of dark yellow (Male, mental) or pink (Female, emotion). It is this pink color that is responsible for the saying "sees through rose colored glasses". This pink vibration causes its practitioner to live in a fairy land of wonderfulness, a hard reality to maintain in today's world. Marilyn Monroe is an example of a pink Gemini. A certain shade of pink is associated with the feelings of puppy dog love. The dark yellow is sometimes connected with the "little professor" aspect of the personality. This is where you find the "know it all".

In people who are fearful, angry, or anxious, the Solar Plexus Centers have become dominant, which produces fear, anger, and anxiety. This is why people who suffer from this problem, have difficulty speaking when they are afraid. They become choked up with emotion. Reflux (stomach acid backing up to the throat) is a physical symptom of this condition. When they are angry, they find themselves saying things that they would never normally say, often causing irreparable damage to relationships with friends, co-workers and loved ones. If this anger is channeled down to the lower centers, then physical violence might occur. (The pharmaceutical companies are getting rich producing chemicals to mask this out of balance condition.) The obvious remedy, then, is to re-establish the proper relationship between these two centers.

This may sound silly, but it helps to talk to your solar plexus. This is where your "inner child" lives. If you have chronic anxiety, then this would be a good technique to cultivate. While rubbing your upper solar plexus, say something like this: "I am here now and everything is alright. You don't have to worry, I am in charge now and I will take care of everything." Feel that part of you relaxing in trust. Another variation of this is to pat your solar plexus and say over and over, "You are a good boy (girl), I am here now, everything is alright." This should greatly reduce the level of anxiety or fear.

Male Splenic = Bright Yellow
Female Splenic = Orange

This center contains raw courage and abstract intellect (general rather than specific). Courage, without a sense of spirituality, can degenerate into foolhardy or destructive behavior and even rage, and therefore spirituality must lead. Spirituality without the courage to take action, leads to physical inaction.

The color yellow, (bright yellow) and in the context of mentality, is associated with pure intellect. It represents the abstract mind.

Its spectral color is orange. An orange color when observed in the human aura denotes different kinds of pride, depending upon the shade. The darker shades indicate hurt pride. The lighter orange indicates pride of ownership or accomplishment. A proud father will exhibit a very bright orange. This is the color of the life force, or vital energy, and, because it is connected to the "Insect Kingdom," has a great deal to do with the nature to organize and socialize.

The color of the Splenic Center is orange. It is the center that produces our physical life force. It has been mistakenly called the Sexual Center because of spontaneous orgasms experienced by women when it is opened by practitioners after a long period of being closed. This center is responsible for physical vitality, and when shut down, forces the individual to substitute sexual energy. This in turn causes marital problems such as "Business mans impotency", and hyper activity in women. The vital orange energy give a person a zest for life and a desire to actively participate. The problems that occur when this center is not balanced by its counter part (Third Eye) are manic in nature. By this I mean, a person will exhibit various levels of having to constantly do something. When left unchecked, it can result in nervous disorders, such as A.D.D, and manic behavior.

Orange energy, when used by a balanced person, provides a nice endless energy that is almost invisible. In other words, it is not hard on the nervous system, while being wonderfully effective. Many women purposely shut this center down in the work place for reasons of professionalism. This forms a sort of sexual chastity belt which consequently adversely affects the sex life of a large number of women.

Male Sexual = Infrared
Female Sexual = Burgandy

It is important to note that the component body (etheric), known as the Sexual Body or Lower Etheric, (although both males and females have one), is known as the Female Sexual Center, (burgundy). This is because the male sexual center resides in the composite (physical) body, (red), rather than in the central component body where the female sexual center resides.

This is your water chakra, your chakra of flow, of emotion, sexuality and creativity. It stores issues that you might have around your emotions, how you might hide from yourself and the world, or any issues that you might have about your sexuality or your ability to be fully creative.

Anas/Coccyx = Brown

The "Coccyx Center" at the base of the spine. Its color is associated with the vibratory part of the visible spectrum that is dark red or brown.

The physical body by itself, is bereft of even a personality. Without the benefit of the higher bodies, the physical body is concerned only with bodily functions. You probably know people who are overly preoccupied with their physical bodies. They usually have nick names like "Meat" and "Vanity". Stay Tuned for Descriptions = Coming Soon