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Why meditate? Why now? You know that you have to make a change in your life. You already know that you are way too busy. So busy that you have become a stranger to yourself. All of us have paid so much attention to the 3D world around us, that we know nothing about the world within us.

What happens when we become a stranger to ourselves? We lose our confidence. We get confused about why we are living such a hectic life. We feel empty inside. We expect answers to magically come from heaven and solve all of our problems. In short, we become so powerless that we begin to blame others for our troubles, and we expect others to take care of us.

In ancient times, we used Mother Nature's herbs and fresh foods to help us heal. Then, for millennia, we ignored all of this. Today, modern medicine is re-awakening knowledge about herbs, nutrition, and natural healing. Why? Because ancient methods were effective and have a very long tradition of helping us. We are seeing today that they still work.

Ancient knowledge of meditation is also coming back. This inward science can lead us to the heights of spiritual wisdom and worldly success.

I am just like you -- involved in life and work, seeking more peace and calmness in my life. I am still learning to do it better, using meditation as a guide on my journey.

I invite you to use meditation to find the answers to your questions... you shall find them within.

Dr Joe Parazoo

Here is a video of 1 of my meditations.

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