Ascension Reiki

Ascension Reiki is about connecting Our Whole Being with the Reiki Source, Our One Creator. Through the Attunement Process of Ascension Reiki we become connected with the Whole of Reiki in and through Our Whole Being. Reiki brings Healing, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Love, Friendship and Happiness into all aspects or our lives.

Most people agree that we are more than physical beings. Many recognize that we are multidimensional beings made up of body, mind and soul or body mind and spirit. Some realize that we have a Will and others recognize we have a Higher Self and within the heart of that Higher Self is the Spark of the Divine.

When you put all the pieces together we come to know that there are Seven Distinct Aspects of Our Being: Our Sacred Heart-
1. Spark of the Divine
2. Our Higher Self
3. Our Will
4. Our Spirit
5. Our Soul
6. Our Mind
7. Our Body

There are 10 degrees or levels to Ascension Reiki.
1. Healing Hands
2. Keys to the Kingdom
3. Universal Language
4. Heart of Creation
5. Higher Consciousness
6. Breath of the Eternal
7. The Most Secret Knowledge
8. Unconditional Love
9. Mystical Empowerment
10.The Sacred Heart

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