Divine Will Reiki

Divine Will Reiki System founded by: Kathleen Ingle-Wolodzko aka Wren Kihara /Reiki Master Teacher

In order to receive these attunements you will need to have been attuned at the Master Level in Usui Reiki or Seichim Reiki. But, as I have found with any set standard we humans try to enforce in the Universe, there is always an exception.

There are 3 levels to this form of Reiki energy.

The benefits of Divine Reiki are... You are cleansing the soul that is in the womb... To re-establish human-ness....

The energies will connect upward and downward, to the ALL. It then retracts back to the aura and then to the heart.

Remove negative energies and imbalances from an environment quickly. It will close portals that allow astral entities to cause disturbances in a home or environment.

Balances upper and lower levels. The Divine and The Animal will be very much out of alignment.

Receive Divine Messages when you are not able to do full communing

DNA activation to your Divine Existence. It can also be used as a time portal or soul travel.

The symbol "Divine Connection" is the initiating symbol for Level I of Divine Reiki. attunes the individual to his divine expansiveness and retracted human-ness, One and the same.

The symbol "Divine Flame" is the initiating symbol for Level II of Divine Reiki.

The symbol "Divine Existence" is the initiating symbol for the Master Level of Divine Reiki.

Purchase this attunement $ 10.00