Karuna Ki Reiki!

Karuna - Ki is an innovative and advanced natural healing system that was developed by Vincent Amador.

Karuna Ki has some components of Karuna & Tera Mai Reiki, yet it is its own system as there are also many differences.

(Karuna Ki is in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki, which is trademarked by William Rand).

Karuna Ki means "The Way of Compassion", and focuses on the heart chakra, compassion and understanding. This amazing form of energy is ranked level 4 on the Reiki scale (Usui Reiki being levels 1-3).

"The basic principle of Karuna Ki is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation." - Vincent Amador.

To receive the Karuna Ki attunement you must already be a Usui Reiki Master.

Purchase this attunement $ 15.00