Ma Heo O Reiki!

Ma Heo O is a Cheyenne word meaning Great Spirit, One God, The Great One.

This energy system combines the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water with the energies of the Great Spirit to activate and promote healing. You will be enabled to connect to Mother Earth's energies through using the raw energies of the earth.

You can also, through meditation, be brought into contact with your spirit totems, who will give you your sacred name, and balance your body through using the 5 elements. This is an amazing system which can enable you to aid the healing of humans, animals, plants, trees, soil, water, etc. Ma Heo O combines traditional Reiki with Native American Shamanism.

There are no prerequisites, it can be taught to anyone, even children. You will be taught the 6 symbols in the 3 levels which will also bring you to Master Level.

I am registered to teach Ma Heo O, and each student I attune has to be registered on the founder's website, and a registration number given.

Purchase this attunement $ 65.00