Sacred Moon Reiki

Sacred Moon Reiki was channeled by Shelly Mayer on May 9th 2002. During a sweat lodge ceremony.

The energies of the moon have been honored in many ways throughout all times of history... Anywhere from being the standard of the calendar, when to plant, when to harvest, when to fish, as well as many others...

As far as energy work goes, the energies of the Moon provide a feminine balance to the masculine energies of the Sun. This balance of energies is very important to our spiritual growth.

Sacred Moon Reiki is good for a wide range of problems just to name a few: addictions, bad habits and suppressed energies from abuse and much more. The purpose for Sacred Moon Reiki is to bring Unity to Mind, Body and Spirit as well as Global Unity among all of nature.

In order to receive this attunement, you need to be a Reiki master

Purchase this attunement $ 10.00