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Whole Self Healing System | New Energy Ways | Surya Shakti | Polarity Healing

Anyone Can Use

Akashic Records | Allowing Abundance | Unified Chakra | Nectar of the Sphinx | Oceans of Love
Orb of Life | Pure Bright Energy | Ascension Activation | Earth Energy Boost | Earthlight Energy
Rainbow Protection Attunement | Universal Love | Ganesha Empowerment | Hands of Jesus
Love from Source | Medicine Buddha Empowerment | Bridge Energy | Psychic Protection Flame
Divine Presence Symbol | Dragon Empowerment | Clearing the Way Attunement
Reiki Rainbows | Creativity Reiki | Divine Protection Reiki | Gaia Now

Must be a Reiki Master

Rain Forest Reiki | Earth Star Attunement | Reiki_Ajari_Yuga Empowerment | DNA Healing Reiki

Native American
Anyone Can Use

Animal Empowerment | Broken Wing Empowerment | Cougar Puma Empowerment
Eagle Empowerment | Elk Empowerment | Hawk Emowerment | Horse Empowerment
Wolf Empowerment | Buffalo Empowerment | Coyote Empowerment | Eagle/Hawk/Kite Empowerment | Fox Empowerment