Become a Reiki Master • Usui Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a Japanese word consisting of two characters "Rei" and "Ki".

Rei - is Japanese for spiritual or sacred
Ki - is Japanese for energy.

Reiki literally translates as Spiritual Energy

Rei represents the Holy Spirit, Mystery, Gift, Nature Spirit or Invisible Spirit.
Ki represents the Physical Energy of Nature, Talent or Feelings

Reiki, with a capital "R", is a specific healing support system, divided into three levels, which have been passed along from Reiki Master to student for the past hundred years since its rediscovery by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is not a substitute of conventional medicine, but it can be a useful complimentary therapy. During Reiki sessions do not try and diagnose a problem.
Whether  you are a complete Novice with little or no knowledge or experience of Reiki, or you are maybe even a Reiki Level One Or Reiki Level Two Practitioner who has Dreamt of becoming a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; but been put off by the high prices associated with attending a Reiki workshop or you simply cannot find a local convenient place to attend a Reiki Master Workshop - thankfully NOW there is a better way - a simple solution that will help you achieve your desire and dream of becoming a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher...

  "You are about to Discover How YOU Can Become A Powerful Certified Usui Reiki Master...... In the Comfort and Privacy of your Own Home, at a Fraction of the cost of attending a Reiki Workshop..."



The Essence of Reiki - Certified Usui Reiki/Master Teacher Home Study Course Contains and Covers all 3 Levels of Usui Reiki:

  • Reiki 1 - Certified Reiki Practitioner Level
  • Reiki 2 - Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner Level
  • Reiki 3 - Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Level

It also Contains and Covers:

  • Distant Attunements for all 3 Levels of Reiki
  • Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 eCertificates 


Is this home study course right for you?

You want a course that also provides you with the distant attunements you need to successfully practice and use the techniques you will learn.

You want a course that is based on the original teachings of Usui Reiki, so that you get a true untainted, unegotistical foundation of knowledge and understanding that will form the basis of your future Reiki practice on yourself and others.

You want Reiki Certification, that will allow you to practice Reiki on yourself and others and will give you the credentials and confidence to teach others, if you desire to do so in the future.

You want to work at your own pace in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with the added assurance that support is only an email away.

You want to save both time and money, by investing in a Usui Reiki Master Home Study Course, that is without a shadow of a doubt the best Value for Money Reiki Course available today!

It may seem a little strange to suggest that Reiki can be learned at a distance using our Reiki Master Home Study Course; but we believe that our combination of comprehensive eBooks (Reiki Manuals), practical guidance, hundreds of full colour images, distant attunements and with our ongoing support via e-mail we can provide our students with as much quality as a 'live' course, if not more.

Learning to become a Reiki Master at home gives you complete control of your progress throughout each of the three levels contained within the course as you Practice and learn Reiki at the pace which is right for you.

No need to waste anymore time and money attending expensive; hard to get to workshops, with the ultimate, instantly downloadable Reiki Master Home Study Course that anyone including YOU can easily study, understand and master.

No need to leave your home to attend a workshop!
* No Travel Costs (Train, Planes or Automobiles) SAVE $
* No Hotel or Motel Costs - Save Even More Money $
* No Expensive Restaurants'/Eating Out Costs - Save More Money $
* No Need To Take Time Off Work or Use Up Valuable Vacation Time
* No Large Groups or Other Students Hogging The Time Of The Teacher
* No Awkward Group Situations That Can Embarrass & Restrict Your Learning Experience!

No need to disrupt your family routine!
* No Need To Hire Babysitters or Spouse Sitters
* Learn Reiki In Your Spare Time Keeping The Whole Family Happy

You will learn at your own pace and convenience!
* We Have Students Who Have Completed The Course In Just 24 Hours
* We Have Many Others That Have Taken Several Weeks, Months or even Years
* You're In Control - Go As Fast or As Slow As You Like

Being Attuned Distantly is just as effective as being attuned to reiki in-person! to claim otherwise is to set limits on the source of Reiki, which is divine, and divine law knows no time and no space.


The Essence of Reiki - Explained in Simple Terms

(1) Just for today - the importance of "today", applicable for all five principles. How you live today determines whether or not you will complete the necessary learning. -Today- is a collection of moments. This teaches us to fully live each and every moment and this whole day.

(2) Do not get angry - recover the balance of mind and emotion with Reiki. Live a quiet and peaceful life. Anger hurts others and yourself.

(3) Do not worry - Reiki Mastership is the step for learning to fully trust the universe. Do not have any unnecessary worries and fear. Do your best today and let the universe take care of the rest, keeping the peace of your mind. It is the key to being free from fear to believe in the universe and be with the universe.

(4) Be thankful - you naturally become thankful if you receive the benefit of Reiki and familiarise yourself with Reiki everyday.

(5) Work hard - Usui Reiki shows how to utilise Reiki in everyday life and work. A lazy mind is bad for you. People will grow through work and learn through everyday life.

(6) Be kind to others - A sense of oneness can be developed naturally through Reiki healing (practice of love) A healthy society can only be established through the cooperation of a large number of people. In the universal dimension there is no distinction between self and others, only the existence of the same soul. "Be kind to others" is synonymous to "Be kind to yourself".


What You Will Learn in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3...

In Reiki 1, you will learn about the origins and history of Reiki, you will learn about the five reiki principles, the Chakras, the reiki hands positions, how to use reiki to treat yourself, others, pets and much much more... $ 20

In Reiki 2, you will learn about the sacred reiki symbols, and how they can be used to send reiki across time and space to heal events and issues in your past presnt ansd future. You will learn how to send Reiki distant healing to anyone anywhere in the world as well as to disaster areas and war zones and much much more... $ 20

In Reiki 3, you will learn about the Master Symbol and how to do reiki 1, 2 and 3 attunements as well as distant attunements. You will then have the ability to train others and pass on this gift of healing to others and much much more... $ 20

Complete package includes Level 1 • Level 2 • and Level 3/Master • for only $50